I’m an American who recently left my typical American career and life to move to Turkey and help my now husband run his restaurant in a tourist village on the Aegean Sea.  It’s a total 180 from my previous life…in some ways infinitely better but there are challenges along the way too!  I’m incredibly grateful for Skype, Facebook, blogs and the internet for the way in which they’ve allowed me to build my relationship and life here, and now for allowing me to be in such close touch with friends and family from home.  My main goal is to help share my life here with the people who I love and miss.  However, other womens’ blogs were also very helpful to me in my decision to move here, for useful information regarding life in Turkey, and also to build a support network over here.  I hope that I can do the same for any others considering making the move to this interesting, beautiful, and sometimes maddening country :)

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