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Genius AND Environmentally Friendly!

Lord knows that I have my moments here when the words “genius” and “environmentally friendly” are FAR from my mind.  However, this is an item of which I’ve been a fan of since living here.  The water pump! Supposedly the … Continue reading

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No Smoking

Just a quick shout out for my hubby to say how proud I am of him for quitting smoking.  After endless nagging urging from me to quit, he’s been smoke free since January 1st!  Anybody who thinks that this is … Continue reading

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Street Animals

Like I’ve mentioned before, Turkey definitely has quite a number of street animals.  As a crazy animal lover, it’s one of the hardest parts of living here for me.  My heart breaks when I see puppies or kittens roaming around, … Continue reading

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Working out

So, yesterday Mustafa and I finally went to the gym in our little town.  Of course I was the only woman there.  In fairness, there are “women’s only” hours in the morning, but from what we were told only one woman … Continue reading

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Cold and Damp

Cold and Damp…the best words to use to describe Turkish houses in the winter.  When we came back to our house after being away for a month, I was stunned.  It was…wet.  Everywhere.  Clothes in closets, towels in drawers, even … Continue reading

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I’m still alive!

Sorry, sorry.  We were in the U.S. for a month and in the week that we’ve been back, I’ve just been uninspired.  The trip to the States was great and my Turk travelled further than some Americans do!  We flew … Continue reading

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Worlds Collide (2)

“Home.”  Is that here or there?  Both?  I now feel strange every time I use that word in reference to the US, like I’m not giving Turkey the respect it deserves or something.  But “home” it will always be, right?  … Continue reading

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Christmas in Turkey

Christmas ended up being more “Christmassy” than I had thought it would, which was nice.  Like I’ve mentioned before, Kusadasi has a large ex-pat population (mostly from the UK), so evidence of the holiday can be found in many places. … Continue reading

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Our little girl is all grown up…

Yup, our cat, Ceyda, is in heat!  Today is day four and I’m wondering how long this is going to go on.  From some internet research I’ve done, it seems that it can last anywhere between three and ten days.  I’m praying we … Continue reading

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Facebook Observations

While Facebook is extremely popular in both America and Turkey, they ways we use it couldn’t be more different.  Americans tend to use Facebook more personally than Turks do, and this fact is really a theme in most, if not … Continue reading

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