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Genius AND Environmentally Friendly!

Lord knows that I have my moments here when the words “genius” and “environmentally friendly” are FAR from my mind.  However, this is an item of which I’ve been a fan of since living here.  The water pump! Supposedly the … Continue reading

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No Smoking

Just a quick shout out for my hubby to say how proud I am of him for quitting smoking.  After endless nagging urging from me to quit, he’s been smoke free since January 1st!  Anybody who thinks that this is … Continue reading

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I’m still alive!

Sorry, sorry.  We were in the U.S. for a month and in the week that we’ve been back, I’ve just been uninspired.  The trip to the States was great and my Turk travelled further than some Americans do!  We flew … Continue reading

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Rich Country Poor Country

It’s amazing to me how sometimes living here feels so normal and Amerika gibi (America-like) and then at other times how vastly different it can be.  There are moments when I look around and think, “this could be America” and then … Continue reading

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This morning at about 6am, we both woke to the sound of our doorbell urgently ringing.  Actually, I should rephrase, our doorbell urgently chirping.  It seems that doorbells here make bird sounds rather than bell sounds…  anyway, our bird has … Continue reading

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Selectively worried

It’s funny to me what Turks worry about sometimes.  Things that would never in a million years cross my mind as worrisome are subjects of great concern here.  Granted, some would say that American’s are overly worried about everything and … Continue reading

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Writer’s block??

I’m not sure if other people who have blogged have this problem, but I just can’t seem to write.  Like I can’t decide how my blog should be!  My main goal is to keep in touch with friends and family … Continue reading

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First post…here goes!

Being present…in Turkey.  The name of my blog is in reference to two of my loves – yoga and Turkey.  Well, three of my loves if you consider the fact that my move to Turkey is for my love, Mustafa.  … Continue reading

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